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Legal notes, terms and conditions of use of the website.

This section defines the terms and conditions (from now on the “Terms”) that regulate the use of the website (the “Website”) by users. Part A (“General Conditions”) is applicable to all users of the Website, while Part B (“Supplementary Conditions”) is only applicable to Registered users.

You are requested to read these Terms carefully before using the Website as you are expressly and without reservation of these Terms by using the Website. Please leave and do not use the Website if you do not intend to undergo or disagree with them.

Some provisions contained in the Terms may be supplemented and / or specified by appropriate notices placed within particular pages of the Website. These notices are to be considered an integral part of these Terms.

We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time. You are bound by these changes and must therefore periodically visit this section to check for any updates or changes.

1. Definitions
“Agreement” means the preliminary contract under which a Seller and a Buyer give their consent to the subsequent signing of a final contract of purchase;
“Membership” means the condition of Member’s membership;
“Deposit” means the penitential deposit paid by the Buyer as consideration for the right of withdrawal from an Agreement;
“Fee” means the commission payable to us by the Seller pursuant to art. 12.1;
“Buyer” means a person who has registered or not in order to purchase an item on the Website;
“Registered” indicate the person who registered on the Website;
“Registration” or “Register” indicates the operation of creating an account on the Website;
“Seller” means a user registered as seller in order to sell surveying equipment;

2. Characteristics of the service offered
The Website allows the Sellers to post free equipment announcements (“Ads”) and to buyers to respond to these Ads with the prospect of concluding an Agreement. The Company, its directors, employees and collaborators (hereinafter “we”) do not take part in the definition and/or conclusion of the aforementioned Agreements, do not carry out researchs and do not actively participate in the provision of the service, which remains exclusively linked to the use of the site.

3. Use of the Website
3.1. It is absolutely forbidden to use the Website for activities contrary to the Italian law and the Terms here reported.

3.2. The law or other regulations expressly referred to or usable in the use of this Website are of an imperative nature and therefore must be known, respected and applied by you.

3.3. Any information or material published or provided through the Site by users – both at the time of registration and subsequently – must be truthful, accurate, up-to-date, legitimate and not fraudulent. We are not required to verify the contents of this information or material, therefore we decline any responsibility with regard to them.

3.4. It is absolutely forbidden to use the Website to publish information or material that you do not possess the licenses or authorizations required by law, having an obscene, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, vulgar and that may have any criminal, civil or administrative relevance. We will give full support to the competent authorities in order to punish any offenders.

4. Exclusions of liability
4.1. Access to the Site and contents
4.1.1. Despite our commitment to include accurate and up-to-date information on the Website, we do not offer any warranty or representation as to the accuracy of the information contained therein; therefore we assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content on the Website.

4.1.2. The use and the exploration of the contents of the Website are also at your risk; the Site, or any other party involved in the creation, production and provision of the Site, is responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages deriving from access to the Website or from the use of the Website.


4.1.4. We assume no responsibility and will not be liable for any damages or viruses that may infect your computer or other property due to access to the Website, its use, its exploration or downloading of materials.

4.1.5. All ads and responses to ads published on the Website are entered directly by users. We are not required to verify the contents of these publications, therefore we decline any responsibility for them.

4.1.6. Despite our commitment to ensuring the availability of the Website 24 hours a day, we decline all liability in case of temporary unavailability of the Website at any time.

4.2. Links to other websites
4.2.1. On the Website there may be hypertext links to websites owned by third parties. Links are provided solely for your convenience and do not represent a solicitation on our part to use or view such websites. These websites are not under our control and we assume no responsibility and we guarantee them in relation to their content. The use of pages that are not part of the Website or other websites is at your own risk.

4.2.2. We reject any warranty, express or implied, on the accuracy, legality, reliability or validity of the contents of other websites and we reject any liability for losses, injuries, claims, obligations or damages of any nature arising from websites or content third parties to which you have accessed, directly or indirectly, through the links on this Website.

4.3. Other exclusions of liability
4.3.1. Within the limits established by the national law of reference, we hereby disclaim any liability for losses (an example is provided below: responsibility for loss of business, loss of profits or contracts, loss of chance, loss of data, loss of reputation, loss of working hours) assets and not, direct or indirect, damages caused to third parties or as a natural consequence, in relation to the services offered by the Website, the impossibility of its use and any material published herein.

4.4. Disclaimer
4.4.1. We can not be held responsible for any of the content published on the Website itself or related to the service offered, which is false or inaccurate, when this is caused by users. We disclaim all responsibility for the conduct assumed by the users of the Website.

4.4.2. We disclaim any responsibility for any technical malfunction of the network/telephone line, online computer systems, servers and providers, personal hardware and software, non-delivery of emails or delays in data traffic on the Internet or on the website or a combination between them. Also included are any damage or injury to visitors or their computers in connection with their use of the service or as a result of having downloaded material connected to this Website. The visitor/user of the Website is solely and exclusively responsible.

4.4.3. For no reason can we and the Website be held responsible for the loss or damage of data deriving from having used the service or having visited the content of the Website itself.

5. Indemnity and compensation
By accepting these General Conditions, you undertake to indemnify and hold harmlessly us and the Website from any claim or request, including legal fees, made by third parties and caused or resulting from the violation of these Terms or from the violation of any law or right third parties.

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